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Quality rest plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sleep disturbances interfere with the quality of your day—and are sometimes life-threatening.  Inadequate sleep can deplete your stamina, focus, and vitality.  Sleep disorders may also contribute to high blood pressure, depression, heart attack, and stroke. We focus on sleep solutions that lead to restful and productive lifestyles.

Most Common Sleep Disorders

  • – Sleep apnea—disruptive snoring and interrupted breathing
  • – Insomnia—Inability to fall asleep or stay asleep
  • – Narcolepsy—uncontrolled sleep attacks during the day
  • – Parasomnia—nightmares, sleepwalking, abnormal movement, bedwetting
  • – Sleep-wake schedule disorders—conflicts between sleep cycles and life- and work-schedules


At Edge Medical, our board-certified sleep specialists will work with you to diagnose and treat your sleep condition so that you can improve the quality of your sleep and your life!

Let us diagnose your sleep condition with our convenient at-home test, and we will work with you to improve your rest and recovery to have a better quality of life!


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